Crème Caramel

This is a not the tiny little pots or domes of the sweet you might be used to. This is Romanian style Crème Caramel made by my wife Cleopatra. This is 2 litres of pure heaven, in a word 'Ambrosia'! Serves 6 or 2 for a couple of days from the fridge. Simon Hensby aka Grey Olltwit

5 eggs

2 pints milk (1.136 liters)

1 teaspoon vanilla flavour

7 tablespoons sugar

280 g sugar

Use an ovenware pan about 12-13 cm in depth. Put it on the hob and gradually heat it on a moderate heat with the 7 tablespoons of sugar. When the sugar starts to melt start to stir gently till all the sugar becomes liquid. Remove and turn the dish around so that it coats the sides and the bottom with the melted sugar. Leave it to cool.

Meanwhile beat well the eggs with the vanilla and the sugar. Add the milk and stir well till all the sugar is melted into the composition (it takes about the time till the pan is cooled). Pour the composition into the dish.

Stick into the oven at gas mark 3 (160°C, 305°F). Leave it about 25 minutes and then turn the oven down to very low gas mark ¼ (100°C, 225°F). It is ready when the surface is a golden brown (about one and a half hours - 1 hour and 45 minutes at very low heat).

Serve it cool!

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