Basic Meat Loaf

1 pound lean ground meat: beef, lamb, pork, venison (or a combination)

1 onion

1 egg

¼ cup chopped parsley

½ cup bread crumbs (for a gluten-free version, crush 1 cup cornflakes to make ½ cup crumbs)

½ cup milk

1 teaspoon dried herbs (sage, thyme or oregano)

6 slices bacon (optional) or ¼ cup ketchup or barbeque sauce

1 teaspoon salt and a few grindings of pepper

Finely chop everything, except the meat, and mix well. Add ground meat to mixture. On a lightly oiled rimmed baking sheet, form the meat mixture into 1 large or 2 smaller loaves. (The smaller loaves will cook more quickly and provide more browned surface.) If using bacon, drape slices over the top(s) of the loaves, or spread with ketchup or barbeque sauce (according to taste). Bake in a moderate oven (Gas mark 4 350°F 177°C) small loaves about 30 minutes, the larger one about 45 minutes.

You may need to rotate the tray halfway through cooking. Serve warm. Leftovers make great sandwiches or freeze well.

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